Attention : Valve broke the Source SDK again

Sad news today as valve shipped a new update for the Source SDK Base 2007 and broke all mods and engine tools.

Starting up the mod will result in an engine error : SetupArrayProps '(null)' is at index zero. The only solution is to wait for valve to fix their update.
Meanwhile, we are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you bear with it until valve fixes it.

Bisounours Party v5 IS OUT : armed, high, and now on your PC



This is it. Finally ! We're not going to repeat what we told you in the precedent news, but only bring the essential : BP is back, and this time, it's available for everybody, thanks to the imminent release of this new long-awaited public release on every corner of the Internet.


But there's a little surprise, something we didn't told you in the precedent announcements. This final version you are actually downloading (don't you ?) includes a brand new unrevealed forts map called candytot, that we can describe with a few simple words : castles, FLAGS, doors, mushrooms, elevators, and grass. Klems, designer of this enchanting floating world, whispered me some other words to put in between the above ones. But I will keep myself to put them here, we want this website to be safe and clean for everybody.


Getting this new version is quite easy. Get on our downloads page :, and follow the little guide wrote by our fellow friend and master Orygin.

HoltManiaK, one of our betatesters, managed to get the setup and join a game in less than of an hour, so we think that everybody should be able to follow the instructions and get the installer painlessly.


We hope you'll know wonderful moments in the skin of our dear junkies carebears, and that you'll share, like we had thoses last few years, this unique experience with your dearest gamer or non-gamer friends, family, exes, arithmetic teachers, college fellows, or anybody else whose presence generates happiness and warmness in your heart.


Cheers <3,

Your friends of Daft Robot.


PS: btw, many thanks to our friends Ale'X and Shepard for lending us their servers. Ale'X will launch next month his servers rental service, to help you get quality BP servers for a few bucks per month.


Heyyy bears


We are very proud to show you something that represent for us, the end of few years of work... The first trailer of the new version of BP, the one we call "v5", announced since the rise of the new team in 2010 and occasionally reported to various totally irrealistic dates.


But this time, it's for real. FOR REAL. Ladies and gentlemen, the "Resurrection Trailer".


Keep in mind that this release is not a revolutionary one from a content perspective. It's more a enhanced/fixed/rewrote version of the old "v4 beta" that came out in 2009 than a MEGA CONTENT PACK. But to confirm what we announced in some previous news, this fact doesn't means that we didn't developed new content. The new maps, new gamemode, new menu, new HUD, new vocals and our homemade cloud/stats tracking tools will give this update a major status as much as the whole rewrite/stabilisation/Linux dedicated servers compatibility thing.


It's BP as it should have been release 4 years earlier.


To finish this celebration post, we want to thank you for having followed/supported us since the first release, and would like to give a special massive hug to the amazing former team that made the whole artistic and technical work, as well as the initial fine tweaks that made the gameplay as fun and crazy as we knows it. Many thanks to our past, present and future betatesters, especially the little team we gathered few months ago for the v5 playtests. You guises are amazing and we really enjoyed thoses times we spent together. And then, thanks to everybody who gave help and/or constructive critics about the game and the trailer. Your help as been REALLY precious.


As you can see in the trailer, the next version is due to be released in september. Honestly, we think that a more realistic view of this estimation would be "before the end of september". You have benn warned... :) As the trailer is now out, we get back to work to put the last polish layers on the game. See you later in september for more news about... Maybe... A new push map ?




Orygin, DiFFtY, Klems, The DR Team.

New maps ! With screenshots !

Our last serious (and talented) mapper, Klems, is in the center of tonight's showcase, with three whole new beautiful maps imaginated from his twisted brain, especially designed for the classic Bears vs. Enferlol cooperative gameplay and the totally new (and totally not stolen from inspired by TFC) push gamemode : co_factorial, push_cacatoes, and push_mayanayse.


The first one, factorial, take place on an island, where some kind of cannabis refinery were built which players has to defend against an army of chocolate fast zombies, gingerbread boys, infected carebears and enraged pedobears.


co_factorial co_factorial


But maybe you prefer some Mayan undergrounds, with this good old feeling of nervous team-oriented gameplay and symmetric maps à la UT2004 Bombing Run mode ? Then take a look at mayanayse, featuring giant gloomy mushrooms, carved rock galleries and two soccer goals that only wait for you to make them eat that ball you struggled to bring.


push_mayanayse push_mayanayse


Who knew Klems has italian roots ? Or maybe that's just an inspiration ? Or maybe I'm just stupid ? Or high ? Anyway, this last one has something of a pretty little italian village under a huge glass canopy, mostly because of those little green-white-red flags hanging all around... Wait... Is it just for this ? Am I really out of inspiration for writing this kind of easy description ? Will Klems is going to hate me even much more than before after describing his map in this way ? Tell in the comments below how much you love your devoted community manager, to help me not being kicked out from the team, and maybe you'll win a beta key.


push_cacatoes push_cacatoes


Lots of other screenshots has been added to our gallery, just take a look for more eye candies.


Love and pink bloody fur,


The DR Team.


Hey bears.


We have some good news for you ! First... we are not dead.


The project has been suspended for a year after the release, then resurrected mainly by Orygin and myself, followed by Klems, level designer from the original devteam. During this (long?) time, Ory rewritten almost everything from scratch, porting the whole mod under Source 2007 instead of the crappy initial version of the Source SDK which powered the first releases. New content has been created too, like new maps, a new HUD, english autovocals, animated menu background... And a whole new exclusive open source "cloud" system, which gather lots of gameplay statistics, and allow us to push delta updates easily, thanks to an autoupdated-autoupdater that comes with the mod. Oh, and did I mention the working Linux dedicated server binaries ?
And don't worry, rewriting everything doesn't mean anything changed from the good old gameplay you loved, we took a special care to tweak every single variable to match the feeling of the previous release.


The rest of our announcements is pretty simple, and without leaving any suspence we can tell you now : we are releasing this long-awaited corrected and enhanced version soon.
We have a little something we can't wait to show you, which will come in a few weeks.


Take tuned and stay care,


The DR Team.

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