New maps ! With screenshots !

Our last serious (and talented) mapper, Klems, is in the center of tonight's showcase, with three whole new beautiful maps imaginated from his twisted brain, especially designed for the classic Bears vs. Enferlol cooperative gameplay and the totally new (and totally not stolen from inspired by TFC) push gamemode : co_factorial, push_cacatoes, and push_mayanayse.


The first one, factorial, take place on an island, where some kind of cannabis refinery were built which players has to defend against an army of chocolate fast zombies, gingerbread boys, infected carebears and enraged pedobears.


co_factorial co_factorial


But maybe you prefer some Mayan undergrounds, with this good old feeling of nervous team-oriented gameplay and symmetric maps à la UT2004 Bombing Run mode ? Then take a look at mayanayse, featuring giant gloomy mushrooms, carved rock galleries and two soccer goals that only wait for you to make them eat that ball you struggled to bring.


push_mayanayse push_mayanayse


Who knew Klems has italian roots ? Or maybe that's just an inspiration ? Or maybe I'm just stupid ? Or high ? Anyway, this last one has something of a pretty little italian village under a huge glass canopy, mostly because of those little green-white-red flags hanging all around... Wait... Is it just for this ? Am I really out of inspiration for writing this kind of easy description ? Will Klems is going to hate me even much more than before after describing his map in this way ? Tell in the comments below how much you love your devoted community manager, to help me not being kicked out from the team, and maybe you'll win a beta key.


push_cacatoes push_cacatoes


Lots of other screenshots has been added to our gallery, just take a look for more eye candies.


Love and pink bloody fur,


The DR Team.


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