Bisounours Party v5 IS OUT : armed, high, and now on your PC



This is it. Finally ! We're not going to repeat what we told you in the precedent news, but only bring the essential : BP is back, and this time, it's available for everybody, thanks to the imminent release of this new long-awaited public release on every corner of the Internet.


But there's a little surprise, something we didn't told you in the precedent announcements. This final version you are actually downloading (don't you ?) includes a brand new unrevealed forts map called candytot, that we can describe with a few simple words : castles, FLAGS, doors, mushrooms, elevators, and grass. Klems, designer of this enchanting floating world, whispered me some other words to put in between the above ones. But I will keep myself to put them here, we want this website to be safe and clean for everybody.


Getting this new version is quite easy. Get on our downloads page :, and follow the little guide wrote by our fellow friend and master Orygin.

HoltManiaK, one of our betatesters, managed to get the setup and join a game in less than of an hour, so we think that everybody should be able to follow the instructions and get the installer painlessly.


We hope you'll know wonderful moments in the skin of our dear junkies carebears, and that you'll share, like we had thoses last few years, this unique experience with your dearest gamer or non-gamer friends, family, exes, arithmetic teachers, college fellows, or anybody else whose presence generates happiness and warmness in your heart.


Cheers <3,

Your friends of Daft Robot.


PS: btw, many thanks to our friends Ale'X and Shepard for lending us their servers. Ale'X will launch next month his servers rental service, to help you get quality BP servers for a few bucks per month.


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