Hey bears.


We have some good news for you ! First... we are not dead.


The project has been suspended for a year after the release, then resurrected mainly by Orygin and myself, followed by Klems, level designer from the original devteam. During this (long?) time, Ory rewritten almost everything from scratch, porting the whole mod under Source 2007 instead of the crappy initial version of the Source SDK which powered the first releases. New content has been created too, like new maps, a new HUD, english autovocals, animated menu background... And a whole new exclusive open source "cloud" system, which gather lots of gameplay statistics, and allow us to push delta updates easily, thanks to an autoupdated-autoupdater that comes with the mod. Oh, and did I mention the working Linux dedicated server binaries ?
And don't worry, rewriting everything doesn't mean anything changed from the good old gameplay you loved, we took a special care to tweak every single variable to match the feeling of the previous release.


The rest of our announcements is pretty simple, and without leaving any suspence we can tell you now : we are releasing this long-awaited corrected and enhanced version soon.
We have a little something we can't wait to show you, which will come in a few weeks.


Take tuned and stay care,


The DR Team.


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