Update on progress

We got to admit, we weren't working a lot on the game lately. Not only a bit of a lack of motivation, but also because we desperately need a new modeler.
We ran into quite a lot of problems trying to make the server running on linux, all thanks to the models.
Not only most of the viewmodels have animations problems under linux, but their hitboxes are also bugged. The only real solution would be to remake them from scratch.
However, everyone will be glad to hear that we are currently starting to private beta test.
What is this beta bringing in comparison with version 4.1 ? Well, the list is not that long, but some features are still not done and probably won't make it in the next version (hence no need to advertise them yet).
The new version currently contains :
* New menu
* New Hud
* English autovocals
* Port to the Orangebox engine
* Linux dedicated servers
* Updated graphics there and there (not a whole new level, but we are taking advantage of the ob engine)
* And of course, the same balancing as the earlier version.


Unfortunately, there is no new content, as the current team is still only composed of 2 persons. We are however, still aiming to recruit new skilled members to help us in our quest to make a good and durable game.


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